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Our True Passion

WHO: California Visuals is an internet marketing consulting company located in Bakersfield, California and was founded on experience of 12 years of tested marketing principles for improving sales online.

WHEN: Over the course of the last decade, California Visuals has become the leader in this area for helping businesses grow. From Website Design, to SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Rankings, we have all the tools to help your company get more leads and business.

WHAT: We set out with a simple philosophy – to be the 1-stop shop for all that your business online marketing needs. Providing the highest-quality Internet marketing service, we treat your business in a broad-minded approach and to ensure that like a well oiled machine, ALL THE PARTS of your online making machine are geared to yield maximum results. From maximum search engine visibility and increased traffic, to capturing and impressing people when they come to your website… we’re here to ensure your company is BOOSTED and running at optimal conditions to get the most amount of business and to make money!

We have only good reviews and an excellent reputation
We have deep roots in the community
Most of our clients have been with us for years

WHY: The motive of creating California Visuals was spawned from disappointment with working with other marketing companies and their narrow-minded approach. To this day, our company continues to receive many customers that are dissatisfied from their previous marketing services. We literally turn their frowns upside down 🙂

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

Why do our clients loves us?


We believe in managing expectations and showing our work. We’re straight shooters!

Consultative Approach

We know you’re busy! We know you don’t get everything when it comes to web design, video production or SEO! We’ll guide you in the right direction.

No Contracts

We believe business should be earned. We don’t hold you to long-term contracts like most Marketing & Advertising Companies

Customer Perk System

We take good care of our long term clients with valuable added benefits like free maintenance and other small perks that of course benefits their business.

Knowledgable Team

We have a years of meaningful experience in Web Design, Video Production, SEO, paid search, social media, programming, and even things like server management and photography. Basically, we got you covered!

We Get Results

What’s more important than results?! Too many companies talk the talk but just don’t get results. Our success starts with a genuine care and desire to help our clients succeed!

Convinced yet?!

Find out how California Visuals can provide a solution for your online marketing and website needs. Your potential customers are using search engines to find your services.

It’s time to be found!!